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NEW! National Parents Day Off

We missed the press release. New this year is National Parents Day Off and it is today, September 14. Good parents do so much for our future and the future of God's Kingdom. Why is parenting such a stressful job that it necessitates a national day off? What's the one thing that would help parents rest on their day off and every day?

"In the fear of the LORD one has strong confidence and his children have a refuge."

There is your answer! Fear God. Parents often deal with feelings of inadequacy. Parenting is such a big job! The future of a human being depends in part on the parent's ability to train up their children in the way they should go. But when we fear God we can be promised that we have strong confidence in many aspects of life, including parenthood.

Why is that? When we stand before God in proper awe and reverence of both His power and His sovereignty, we can begin to see how much of an illusion control is. When we recognize that God is love, we can begin to recognize that no matter how much we love our children God loves them more. So when we fear and follow God appropriately, we can have confidence that in His total power, total sovereignty, and total love will take care of our children.

What's more is that we know our children can have refuge in Him too. When they cannot run to us, they can run to Him! His protection, power, leadership, and love can give us peace as parents.

If you want some pointers on how to have gospel conversations with your children, let us recommend to you the book "Full Circle Parenting" by Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins with Leslee Bennett. In it, you'll learn how to turn any of the conversations you have with your children into gospel conversations, but especially those crucial conversations about technology, substance abuse, friendships, bullying, sex, and more. You can get it here, or come into the store and pick up your copy.

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