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Cohorts Forming!

What is a cohort?

A cohort is a group of people who gather for a common purpose. It was also a military unit that made up one-tenth of a Legion in the ancient Roman Empire.

Why join a cohort?

The best place to find community is in a local church. However, there are a lot of reasons to join a cohort at Christians of Northwest Arkansas - The Bookstore.

  1. Sometimes the church isn't offering a group that teaches what you are wanting to study.

  2. Sometimes your schedule doesn't match your church's schedule.

  3. Group purchasing power gets you the best price on the resources you're studying.

  4. What you study in your cohort can complement what you do in church (but not replace it).

Whatever the reason, you are welcome here!

What cohorts are forming?

Here are some short descriptions of all of the cohorts now forming:

Men's and Women's Bible Study

As the name suggests, this will be groups of men or women who gather for a Bible study. Your group will have the choice of any number of popular Bible studies to chose from, like ones from Priscilla Shirer or Warren Wiersbe.

New Releases

Every so often, your cohort will meet to discuss one new release and select another for your next meeting. Your cohort will chose whether to meet every month, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Christian Must Reads

Your group will go through a series of books that are widely regarded as books that every Christian must read at least once.


Your cohort will go through a series of books on theology. They will range from books by systematic theologians like Wayne Grudem or topical theology books.

General Spiritual Growth

This is a great cohort to join if you are interested in growing in your spiritual workouts - those exercises like Bible reading, prayer, fasting, evangelism, giving, and more.


Want to get better at defending your faith? Join our apologetics cohort!


Want to get better at sharing your faith? Join our evangelism cohort!

Marriage, Parenting, and Family

Want to grow with other believers who are married, parents, and building families? This is the cohort for you!

Singles and Dating

Grow spiritually with others who are single or dating by joining this cohort.

Christian Leadership

Your cohort will go through a series of books on Christian Leadership from giants of the faith like John Stott, Al Mohler, Richard Blackaby, and more. Learn how to be a better leader in both spiritual and secular contexts!

Christians at Work and Network

Network with other Christians in business and learn how to integrate your faith with your work by joining this cohort.

New or Questioning Believers

If you aren't sure about Christianity, or if you are a new believer and want to just learn more, this is a great cohort for you to join.

Essential Oils of the Bible

Want to learn about the oils of Scripture and some of the benefits they provide still? This is the cohort for you. You'll also learn how to use essential oils to make sugar scrubs, bath salts, and more!


Want to meet some other Christian teenagers? This is the cohort for you!

Where will cohorts meet?

Cohorts have the option of meeting via Zoom or in our community room at Christians of Northwest Arkansas - The Bookstore.

How can I sign up?

Indicate your interest here!

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